Paddy owners: How many paddies do you have??

  1. :shame: I know all paddy lovers usually own more than one paddy... how many do you have and what are the colours?

    Please try to post pics... :graucho:

    P.S. :hysteric: PADDY ONLY!!!!!
  2. I have three regular paddy satchels.
    In chocolat, rouge and gris-vert.
  3. i have 2, the pix is my avatar
  4. I only have 1 - just got this week. The color is galet. See my avatar!! :smile:

    But I am already thinking which my next one will be...... I am thinking pocket paddy in blanc. Hmmmmm.......:rolleyes:
  5. Only one for now which I received only a few days ago: choco 06
    End of the month/early april my Ivory should join choco!
  6. nice paddy crouner! congrats!
  7. Thanks, shoptfs. I am hooked!! :love:
  8. [​IMG]

    From top to bottom: Sable 05, Tan Loaf 05, Blue Nuit 05, Grenat Loaf 05
  9. Thanks for posting, D & G rockstar!!! I love all your paddies... GORGEOUS!!!!!!

    Umm... it looks like craie more then sable :hrmm:
  10. Oh D & G rockstar that Sable is delicious!!:love:
  11. I have two: choco '06, and tan '05! :smile:

  12. nice paddies d&g!
  13. just one - tan!
  14. Im back to one paddy lol

    I had the tan, taupe, rouge and blue nuit, and now have only kept the Taupe. My poor rouge didnt even get used once, so I recently sold her.
    Along with the Betty and the new Bay I really dont want a spare paddy any longer. Here are the piccies of them all for you to see them anyhow. But I know I will never sell Taupey! she rocks my world lol


    hm is now the proud owner of blue nuit, and my mum has the tan! so lots of people have been made happy by my paddys lol!!
  15. Looking to get rid of that taupe Chloe-Babe?!? :graucho: