Paddy or Silverado?

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  1. Well, I have a tan paddington satchel already but I am looking into buying another chloe. What do you girls think? Gold Medium size Silverado or the Rouge Paddington Satchel? Thanks!
  2. :yes: I would get a silverado!!! Try to get something different~
  3. Hmmm very diffrent it really depends, both would be great for summer; I have two paddy's and am thinking about adding a silverado as well but...really hard decision!
  4. this IS hard :yes: . personally, i think that the rouge paddy is TDF!! and i only like a few Silverados..... but I would say that a gold one would be more versatile than a rouge paddy....
  5. I can't help myself.... Rouge Paddy!:heart: Only because it is fricking gorgeous!
  6. UGh!!! I cannot chose! Please keep the opinions coming as they are very helpful!
  7. Im not a fan of the silverado, so its a rouge paddy vote here. Its a stunning colour :smile:
  8. Both colors to me are pop colors versus neutrals, so I'm not sure if you would get tons of use from either. I bought paddy rouge recently and may not keep her because I just haven't found the right match to wear her with--what do you rouge lover's match her to? I only have 1 navy outfit, and I tend to wear a red shell with it, but find that trying to match two different reds is tough.
  9. I'd go with the Silverado, something different!
  10. I only like the silverado if it's textured (python), otherwise, i'd go for the paddy!
  11. I would go for the's such a great bag, the medium is a perfect "day bag" size, the pockets/different sections are great and it's really comfortable to carry...

    Or you could cheat and do what I did and buy the Paddington Mini aswell, it's sooooo cute.
  12. I agree with D & G. Textured Silverados drive me crazy. But I have a hankering for a red Paddy. I guess it all comes down to your wardrobe!
  13. I like the silverado but only if the python
  14. I vote for the Paddy but am biased, I am not a huge Silverado fan. (Love those Paddies, tho.):heart:
  15. Hmmmm... but it's a GOLD Silverado, not a textured but still not those other colorful ones that I personally think are ugly.