Paddy or Marcie

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  1. Hi! I am new to Chloe. For my first Chloe, what would you suggest, a paddy or a large marcie? With regards to weight and maintenance, how roomy is the bag? TIA
  2. Hello C and C. Welcome to this corner of tPF!

    I am not a big fan of the paddy. It's an iconic style, but not user-friendly.

    I would definitely go for a Marcie... I have only tried her on once, so I cant comment on "roominess"... Wait for the experts to chime in!
  3. Marcie, hands down!!! It now comes in three sizes so I'm sure you'll find one that'll suit your needs. I love the leathers on the paddy but, as Maria wrote, comparatively it's not as user friendly and is quite heavy. The Marcie is lightweight and super easy to use.
  4. Thanks!!!
  5. My vote is definitely Marcie:tup:
  6. marcie, hands down
  7. I want to like the Marcie, but no matter how hard I try, it just doesn't do it for me. I love, love, love my two paddies, though! They're very roomy (much more than they appear), the leather is gorgeous, and although a bit heavy it just feels good to carry them. Whatever you get, enjoy!!
  8. I vote Paddy.
  9. Marcie, no question. It is much, much more user friendly. As KDO said, very light and easy to carry, holds much more than you would think. I've had two (sold my cross-body as it was probably too trendy and I'd been on too much of a buying spree this spring), and loved them both. I cannot imagine parting with my satchel. And, no offense to Paddy fans, but the Paddy may be an iconic Chloe bag, but I think the Marcie will be one as well, and it has a fresher, more "now" look to me since it is newer. OTOH, I am totally, totally biased towards the Marcie since I love mine so much. When I un-ban myself I would totally buy another one.
  10. Oh, sorry. And a *large* Marcie -- totally roomy. I have the large satchel and I can carry my MacBook in it no problem (along with all my regular purse stuff). Still fits nicely over the shoulder or looks great on the arm/in hand. I use big bags (as you can see from the Weekenders in my avatar), and Marcie is very, very roomy and practical, because of the slouch in the leather she also keeps her shape nicely when full. Really, the Marcie is an awesome bag.
  11. Marcie. no contest. its 1 of the bags that lured me to Chloe :girlsigh:
  12. def. a marcie! :smile:
  13. I've had 2 paddies and sold both due to the weight. I absolutely loved the colors of both, one red and the other was 06 taupe:nuts:. Anyway, I'm back to Chloe for the first time in 4 years because of the Marcie. I just ordered it in the dark taupe-like color called Ash in medium. So my I say try them both if you can and thats the best way to truely decide. (I'm still awaiting my Marcie:graucho:)
  14. Marcie gets my vote