Paddy on the shoulder?

LV Lady

Jan 22, 2008
Houston - NASA Area
Hi! I am new to Chloe, and just purchased a Paddington from Fashionphile. It has only been used about 2-3 times and is in great shape. It has a strap drop length of 7.5" and I was wondering if other Paddington owners find it hard to wear them on their shoulders. For some reason, their seems to be up to a 2" difference in the drop lengths for paddys. Mine is an '07. I have seen 7.5" up to 9.5" inches online.

1. Is your paddy easy to carry on your shoulder?
2. Will the strap drop length change over time as the bag gets used and smushes down a bit?

Any help is appreciated!! Thanks!!


Aug 22, 2006
I didn't measure the drop length, but I just bought a new one, and I'd say the straps will only be comfortable for me if I have just a thin layer of clothing on. Mine came wth a shoulder strap, though, so I'm all set:P