paddy on sale

  1. There's a paddington on sale at Netaporter.
  2. Wow, first 2 sold out within minutes!
  3. it's all sold out already?? :confused1::confused1:
  4. I followed the links and they said sold out.
  5. Which metallic paddington was it?
  6. still there. just do a search on "chloe paddington." Laria, it's the metallic blue. pretty!
  7. gee, I only see the clutch. Did you see which bag it was?
  8. :wtf: I just went to the sale page and they have the tan paddington there. I was sure I didn't see it earlier.

    Tan Paddington
  9. its sold out :sad:
  10. Hi I have never purchased from them, but I have been looking for a paddy for awhile, Do they charge tax???
  11. They charge duties if shipped to the US. It runs around 9% of the cost of the bag. There are usually coupons for free shipping. They also have a US site which doesn't seem to have as much stuff but no taxes unless in NY. The best way to get to the US site is to click on the upper left of the website where it gives you the option to change countries and switch over to US.
  12. thanks a mil
  13. I guess some of you didn't get to view the page coz its the International site that's on sale on NAP.

    Chloe Totes Bags on Sale

    Chloe Clutches on Sale

    Hope some PF'er gets it! :smile: