Paddy on sale also in Italy

  1. Today i've seen 3 paddy on sale also in Italy but not all boutique are making sale on Chloè
    They have only: light blue ( jeans moyen), taupe and yellow-cream, for only 745€...

    I can't buy a new one :crybaby: because i have already a ivory and a dark grey paddy and because since June 15 i have bougth:
    Greige City ( never used)
    Calcaire City ( received after waiting 2 months)
    Edith Whisky ( never used)
    Zipper Paddy in mousse ( on my way)
    Tan Loaf Paddington ( on my way)
    Lv Pochette Marelle
    Balenciaga Make Up

    I'm a bad bad girl:graucho: :graucho:
  2. Sounds like you have been one busy girl having lots of fun!
  3. I've seen also 2 Silverado
    Phyton in Whisky, medium for 890€ and large for 1400€
  4. A bad bad girl with an eye for fabulous bags!!
  5. where? i would love to have the jeans moyen on sale. thanks
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