Paddy mini, reg & hobo in Taupe on Bluefly

  1. hope this helps someone:P
  2. (this should prolly be moved to the Chloe Shopping Sub but...)

    I purchased an UGLY FAKE chocolat paddy from Bluefly back in May for $1200.

    Heartbreak Hotel, please do not buy from Bluefly!!!

    Many others can share similar experiences.
  3. ^^ Definitely, please beware of Bluefly!! I just bought a fake Paddington from Bluefly and sent it back and complained and they just relisted it!!! Please don't buy it!
  4. Plus, their mini paddy has the wrong price listed. They have it listed as the same price as the regular size paddy.
  5. As a long time customer of Bluefly, I can assure yout that their product is authentic. I've never had a problem, and highly recommend bluefly as a superior shopping site.
  6. Imawisk2 I've heard Bluefly used to sell authentic stuff but lately many ladies have received fake paddingtons from them, hmwe is not the onlyone. I wouldn't buy for them.
    I've seen pictures of taupe paddington from bluefly and there was some clear differencies compared to authentic ones :sad:
  7. When I purchased a paddington a few months back I received the bag without a lock and when I looked a the bag it was a fake. However, before the paddington satchel, I purchased a silverado doctor bag and that one was authentic.
  8. Many ladies here have had a problem - and it's most definitely a case of 'once bitten, twice shy'!

    So even if Bluefly do sell authentic bags too, there is still a risk that you *may* receive a fake.:yes:

    One bad apple and all that...i wouldn't trust my money with them.

    Thanks Z&J for the heads up though :smile: