Paddy Metal 2 years later . . .

  1. When I 1st bought my Chloe Paddington 2 years ago, I (like many of you) was frustrated by all the scratching from the lock that made the metal quite unsightly.

    I've not used my Paddy much since then, & am wondering if the scratches looked better as they became more uniform over the years?
  2. . . . or after just 1 year, or a few months.
  3. What do you mean by "more uniform"? As in, does the metal look better if it's evenly scratched all over, instead of having a random scratch here or there?
  4. That's exactly what I mean. While new, there is a marked contrast with just a few scratches in isolated spots. I'm wondering if they've become less of an eyesore.
  5. Hmmm... well I don't really mind a random scratch here or there, but I do agree that the locks look better scratched all over (like the silver ones from 2006?). I think you'd really have to bash it around for the lock to be scratched all over though - i don't think i could bear to do that!

    Also, I scratched one of my square paddy buckles not long ago and it went so deep that it showed up silver - i think a gold lock would look weird with lots of silvery scratches all over it...
  6. You know - I just never even notice the scratches. How weird is that? I must have some on my large belt pocket Paddy (the one in the avatar) but I never even bother to look. And believe me - I bang that thing around. It has traveled to Taiwan with me. Okay - I just looked and there is not much scratching to speak of. I would try not to think about it and just figure that the aged patina is authentic?!
  7. My 2005 has never scratched.....haven't used it for about a year,though...may break it out again this spring...
  8. Thanks, ladies. My hardware (esp the plate that gets bashed around by the lock) is a little scratched, but the main reason I've not used my Paddy is the overall weight of the bag. Maybe I ought to shop for a smaller padlock.
  9. I bought a Chloe Paddington in March 2006. After 3 months, the outer paintwork started coming off even though I used it with care. The brass lock initially had a matte finish, but now, you can see the shiny underlying metal (I much prefer the matte finish). Sob.