Paddy.... lots of money!

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  1. Hello All,
    For the past few days, Ive been calling all over the world to see if I can get a hold of a WhisKey paddy.

    Finally, I called Nordstrom, and they had 1 in stock in the whole US. Unfortunately, it was on hold for a lady that couldnt decide if she wanted to purchase it or not. but by the end of the day, the SA called me and said the girl never came back for it. I quickly jumped at the chance of purchasing it. I am very excited for the bag and it will be arriving in a few days. The downfall? The bag costed me just under $1700. I thought to myself, its quite much for a bag. But I want it soo bad... So I do not know what to do... Should I return it? Or keep it?

    And reading about SoCal's thread regarding the edith bag, alot said 1300 was alot for a bag.. would you guys think its the same for the paddy?????

  2. Why don't you wait until it arrives before making up your mind ?

    It is a substantial amount for a bag, but it also is gorgeous, and you may love it.. all 1,700$ worth of it ! ;)
  3. I just saw one today in brown at barneys in seattle.
  4. I agree. You may completely fall in love with it as soon as you receive it. But if not you still have the return option and no harm done.
  5. It is a lot for a bag. Unfortunately there are so many great bags that are really up there pricewise these days:wacko:. If you've fallen in love with the Paddy's looks but haven't felt the leather yet then you're really in for a treat. :amuse: If you've seen them you know that they're not only beautiful and adorable but versatile as a handbag or a shoulder bag.

    I don't see this bag as trendy and think it has longevity. I dislike those foolish In/Out lists anyway, not that it's been on one that I've seen.
    And yes, you've gotta love return policies as insurance...
    You'll have to let us know when it comes if it's true love :love: or not,
    is it stay or nay? $1,700. worth o' love or not? Yes, you've gotta love return policies as insurance...
  6. Hi,
    I'm sure you're going to LOVE the bag. I have one in chocolate, and absolutely love it!! I just have one question about the price you paid(?) The standard paddy retails for $1,480. How much is Nordstroms charging you for sales tax and shipping? $1,700 seems a bit much. Some of the finer department stores only charge shipping (no sales tax) if you are ordering out of state.
    Just thought I would pass this along.
  7. I will love it when you feel the leather. I had exactly the same doubts about it but after haaving it in my hands I was lost forever to it. It get's even more beautiful day by day. It's my fav at the mo.

  8. I would have love to purchase out of state to avoid taxes... I did order through Nordtrom, however, since we have plenty of Nordstrom here in CA... I wouldnt be able to avoid the 8.5% CA sales tax. And since I ordered Fri night, they would ship it out Saturday, however, UPS do not ship on sundays. And I really couldnt wait a few more days for my paddy to get here, so I paid a whopping $40 to get next day air ship. the purchase came just under $1700. So, the bag will be here Tuesday. *I cant wait* I would have so avoided the tax if I could... however, Nordstrom's was the only place that had the paddy with my name on it. I just couldnt risk losing out my chance with this bag.

    and I will post pics as soon as the bag arrives!!!!!
  9. You were lucky to get one...the whiskey Paddys are about gone, and a lot of stores are not going to be able to get any more in! So even if you had to pay sales tax and the shipping, you will have a bag that you love and you would have missed your chance otherwise. Relax and enjoy your new beautiful bag!!!
  10. Paddy is much nicer than the Edith and worth the $$$ IMHO... Hope you enjoy!
  11. Congrats on finding a whiskey paddy. :biggrin:

    You will know as soon as you see it if it is meant for you. Paddys are weird that way - I think it is either love or hate at first sight.

    I think you'll love it - the whiskey is a fabulous color (if I was not scared of gold hardware this would have been my first choice for a paddy.)
  12. There's a whiskey paddy on styledrops! I was thinking of getting mine from there. But I decided on the Taupe :biggrin:
  13. OH! There's a Whiskey available on LVR now!! I can't believe they emailed me to tell me they weren't getting anymore in and now they have it AVAILABLE! And my Taupe is still pre-order status!!! Gah.
  14. The taupe is GONE in the big pocket on LVR, too!
  15. thanks for all your input! This totally reassures me that i made the right choice....