Paddy looks like the popincourt...

  1. The more I examine and cyberstalk these two bags that I covet, the more I think they look the same. The general shape of the are similar... but the paddy is slouchier. The most salient for me is the petal-shaped thingies that attach the handles to the bag. Look!

    What do you think? Which one came first?
    images from eluxury and neimanmarucs

    (i finally figured out how to post pics. yay!)
  2. i don't know anything about chloe, but the popincourts came out last year...i got my haut in july 05.
  3. I personally don't think they look alike. Maybe cause the popincourt's in monogram print.
  4. Hmmm....... I just dont think they look alike.
  5. i dont think they look alike either... in any more ways than most top handle handbags look alike.
  6. I don't think they look alike at all. The pop doesn't sag at all either. Besides wasn't the pop an old design from LV that was redone?
  7. anh- to me it's like comparing apples and oranges- they're all bags, but completely different.
  8. Well...they both have two handles. I'm just not seeing it :ninja:.
  9. *_*

    i think i'm just thinking about them too much...
  10. I don't think they look too much alike especially since the Paddy is made of a nice thick leather and the LV is not.

    But you are right, almost everything is altered from Something. Face it there are very few NEW ideas out there. Just improvements and revisions of the past! :smile: Heck, why reinvent the wheel right?
  11. O/T The Paddy looks HOT!!!:love:
  12. But the paddy is a shoulder bag, the popincourt isnt.
  13. I can't see a similarity between those 2. IMO the don't have nothing in common other than being bags. Sorry.
  14. I can see it, but they're still pretty different!