Paddy Lock Question

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  1. Hi all,

    I was wondering if someone could tell me if their newer 06 paddies had a slightly larger font on the lock than the older paddies.
    I know that the new paddies have more numbers on the serial tag, but I was wondering if they enlarged the "Chloe" font on the lock, too.

    It would seem like a natural transition since the name Chloe is plastered all over most of the 07 bags are fairly large, too.

    Just wondering if anyone had noticed this.:shrugs:
  2. As far as i'm aware, the Chloe font has always remained pretty much the same on the padlock.

    There will be slight variations of course, but, IMO, there shouldn't be a really obvious change, even from season to season.

    If you compare a fake bag to a real bag, you should see the difference immediately.:yes: