PADDY keys ?!

  1. hi ladies....

    i have one stupid question which i was wondering for a long long time...

    can my paddy key open your paddy lock?! or its only a decoration...
    i mean is every key the same?!

    thanks a lot....
    and i know thats a stupid question......:P
  2. Hi phoebe! It's not a stupid question at all! Yes, you need the key to open the padlock. :yes:

    Sonja said her large pocket paddy's key opened her medium satchel and loaf's padlock but did not work on her large paddy. So I don't think a key will work on all paddingtons. However, a key from one type should open all bags of the same type.

    Here's a link to the other thread:

    HTH! :flowers:
  3. thank you Audrey...bcz my friend always ask me about this...haha

  4. Whos else makes a paddy key bag besides Chloe ? (sorry new to bags, and only knew of Chloe making a paddy key bag)
  5. I don't know of any other designers using padlocks on their bags. I'm pretty sure that's a Chloe-only type of thing! :smile:
  6. Luella has small padlocks on their Suzy range. The YSL muse also has a small padlock-type thingy.
  7. Louis Vuitton always used to use a mini padlock on certain styles of bag, and I had a prada bag that had a padlock and key, they were all small details though, Chloe were the first to make the Padlock a huge stand out feature :smile:
  8. Mulberry Bayswaters have a tiny little padlock too!
  9. Haha! Shows how much I know!! :lol: Well, I did know about LV and YSL, but they are small and charm like, no? I thought she was talking about a big heavy lock. :shame:
  10. I had a Brigette bag by Miu Miu that had a padlock on it. The difference was that it did not need a key. The padlock was "spring loaded" and it opened if you pulled on it!!
  11. haha:roflmfao: I thought the SAME thing Audrey!! I have LV's and know about the little mini padlock, but when i saw that question I thought, "No other bag has a padlock". I guess once you have a paddington, Padlock has a whole new meaning! :nuts::roflmfao:
  12. O nice ...
  13. O nice ... so every time is see a bag with a pad on it ... its most likely a Chloe or a fake
  14. i was talking about the BIG locks and im not a she =)
  15. I love the big padlock :love: