Paddy Key

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  1. What do you do with the key to your Paddington bag? On the pocket bag I just received, the key hangs down below the bag by about five inches. Do you just let it dangle? Tuck it into the bag? Take it off (if you're not using it)? Does it whack into things when you carry it? Just wondering. It seems a bit awkward to me.
  2. Same here! I just wind the key strap around the base of the handle a few times until it hangs a little above the bottom of the bag. Seems to work pretty well for me. I didn't want to hide the key in the side pocket since the key is a cute accent and part of the character of the bag:biggrin:
  3. I double up the leather and re-tie so the key only hangs a bit below the bag.
  4. Hobo - yes I worry about the key getting damaged by hitting a surface first, so I usually have it looped once under the side strap then string it back up and put the key in the side-pocket with the top of the key 'peeking' out. But if I'm going to be walking/shopping and not really setting the bag down, I whip out the key and let it dangle prettily below the bag :smile:
  5. I just let it dangle. It hasn't been a problem so far!
  6. today i got so frustrated by it i left it hanging on the doorknob of the apt when i left..
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