Paddy Key Question

  1. I saw my friend today who owns paddy bought this year from a reputable dealer. Looked really good and authentic, but I saw a difference in our keys. Hers is hollow and dark when you look into the tip in the hole. Hope that makes sense. On mine I can see where the hole ends because I see brass, so there is no black hole of darkness. :wtf: And my key wouldn't open her lock since it's slightly bigger. :wtf: I have an 06 Fall large pocket paddy and hers is an small 06 Spring paddington box. Could this be another Chloe variation? :confused1: Can you guys check your key holes? Thanks!
  2. Hey Abby!

    I check all my bags (plus Mom's whiskey but not Christmas rouge) and
    they all have hollow tipped keys. Each one opens all the other locks.

    Maybe the locks on the pocket paddies are different?!?! :confused1:

  3. Thanks for checking hmwe46. Yeah I guess the pocket paddy key is different. That's good to know :yes: How strange of Chloe to use different molds to make the keys. At least it's great news. OMG you must be dying to enjoy & lavish in your Rouge Paddy just hidden in the house somewhere!!! I definitely think Rouge will steal the show when you make your new paddy puddle!!!! :drool:
  4. It is odd, isn't?

    Have you posted pics of your pocket paddy in the reference section yet? If not, could you take some close-ups of your key?? I am fascinated! :amazed:

    It's the little details that keep us coming back for more huh?

  5. I did post in the reference section, but I'll attach again so people know what bag I have. It's the Fall 06 Large Pocket Paddy in Brun. The key does not open the lock of a box paddy from Spring 06. The keys don't look like different sizes. Maybe just the part that goes in the keyhole is slightly bigger. The key hole is not hollow all the way and you can see in the pic the brass part, instead of the blackhole like most paddys. Yet another Chloe variation found! :shame:
    Camera 004.jpg Camera 007.jpg Camera 005.jpg Camera 006.jpg
  6. Really interesting!! BTW, I need to say this again abbyy, I :heart: your paddy!!! :love:
  7. ....I just tried the (silver) key from my large mousse pocket paddy (s/s 06) to the lock of my 3 other paddys; it opened the locks of my regular taupe satchel and craie loaf, but it didn't even fit inside the lock of my large tan (s/s 06) :upsidedown:

    ...And Abby your choco is gorgeous :love: