Paddy: is the 'chloe' imprint always centered on the lock?

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. I have an authentic Paddy where the chloe imprint is slightly off-center on the lock. Does anyone with a definitely-authentic Paddy have this too? Please help!
  2. hi honey, yep, this topic was covered just a couple of weeks ago, scroll along a couple of pages and you will find a whole thread on it, complete with piccies of padlocks. Its normal, nothing to worry about ;)
  3. Hello! As Chloe - babe mentioned, heat stamps can be off center sometimes. The imprint of 1 letter can be not as dark as the other too! There are a lot of little things that are off when it comes to the padlock. As long as the padlock keyhole is right side up and not a shiney brass you are good to go.
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