Paddy "inspired" bags at Target!

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  1. I was walking through Target last night when I noticed they had all their new spring bags in. I was curious to see what they were offering. They had Paddington style bags, complete with the padlock and key. I could not believe it! They also had several other popular styles but could not tell you off the top of my head what designer they were copying.

    So instead of getting a fake, you can go to Target and drop $22.99. :amuse:

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  2. The lock on those bags are kind of.. sad.

    But that's true, I'd much rather see inspired bags than outright replicas !
  3. These would be cute for a young girl to be able to have a purse to match mommie's.
  4. they're so gross feeling though! its like plasticky rubber and makes me almost cringe to touch it...seriously.
  5. lol, arden b did the same thing last season!
  6. I saw them last weekend at Target, and I thought the same thing!
  7. I finally saw those at Super Target the other day....
  8. They had "inspired by" Balenciaga not long ago also. :sick:
  9. i got one for my 3 year old daughter the other day from primark :P ....
    she loved my whiskey paddy so much and kept trying to drag it off the table to play with it! so I just had to save my REAL one and got her an INSPIRED one haha
    she puts her juice box, cookie bag, barbie lipstick, barbie mini mirror compact together with the small brush, and her stuffed barnie toy!! of course it gets way heavy so she has to actually DRAG it around the house!! haha
    can anyone say FUTURE BAGAHOLIC??? hehe
  10. I have 4 year old daughter who is already into bags; isn't it amazing how much "stuff" they can cram into them? :lol: Thank goodness for "Hello Kitty" bags!
  11. hello kitty doesnt do it for my little growing bag snob anymore :lol: she has to have something "like mommy's bag" .. i wish she was 1 again!! :cry: barney did it for her then!! haha