paddy in tan on NM old pricing

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  1. I just checked out the NM chloe site and they have a whisky for $1500. but they have a tan at the old pricing of $1380 for those that want this bag and want a deal. check out steals and deals also for a free shipping code.
  2. Do you have a link to the tan? Or can I find it on the NM Chloe bag screen?
  3. Aaak! That's crazy!
    Everyone should jump on it! It looks muuuch better in person that on the website.:love:
  4. Beware - it is probably somebody's used and abused return!
  5. ooooh, never thought of that! :suspiciou
  6. you too can always take it back if you don't like it. My paddy has held up very well and I stuff it into a locker every day. It is getting better with age and mine is the choco.
  7. Since it is the old price of $1380, do you think the bag is from the 2005 season (with the thicker, more pebbly leather?)
  8. I just saw that earlier and thought it was strange:weird: I was getting ready to post about it also. Does BG have a free shipping code? Both paddys are on their site and I will not have to pay tax with them. I returned a whiskey paddy last week and now I regret it:sad:
  9. Try the code THANKS. I used it for Edith and it worked. Not sure if it expired 3/31 or will go through April too.

    Just know the bag is a return and could be a double or triple return. Both sites have a habit of continuing to resell used merchandise that looks used. So, if you can get free ship and no tax to try it out and it arrives in sad shape, you can always ship it back using their prepaid return label. Just make sure you let them know it is damaged merchandise (if it arrives that way - check it over for pen marks, peeling/scratched lock, loop and hardware, etc.) so they don't subtract the label cost from your credit.

    What I love about shopping with them is that they always go out of their way to accommodate. Once I got a temporary credit applied to my account while the damaged bag (scratched up lock) was on the way back, so my credit card would not incur any interest waiting for the return to hit.
  10. thanks.
  11. Yes, I'll bet it is!
  12. It's gone!