Paddy in sand color on NAP, the same as sable?

  1. I just saw new Paddy in sand color on NAP. Do you think the color is like the sable used to be? Or it's some new shade of ivory? I want an ivory paddy, craie is my favourite color, but I cannot find it and I'm afraid of buying on eBay. I considered blanc for a while, but now I see this sand, so I wonder about the actual color. Any ideas, chloe experts?
  2. :push: I don't like the sand colour... is a light coffee colour. Too dark!!! Doesn't look like sable at all. Blanc is much prettier!!!
  3. The "Sand" referred to on Net-a-Porter is actually "Creme" from AW06 season. I have the bag and it is a beautiful colour :love: I actually sold my Blanc to get Creme :yes:

    BUT if it is Blanc or Craie you are looking for then Creme is nothing like either of those colours. It is a dark cream - like a very weak Cafe Latte. I love it but I don't think it is what you are looking for :sad:

    I will be posting pics of my collection later so you will see it there :flowers:
  4. Thank you BAlchlfen! The ting is, I wanted craie, but I just thought that sand is closer to that color than blanc. If that is vice versa, I'd get blanc.
  5. I have owned Craie and Blanc and I would say that Craie is in-between Blanc and Creme (Sand) so it depends which side of Craie you want to go - darker or lighter? :shrugs: