1. Hi All,

    My company might be sending me to Hong Kong (Kowloon) soon so the first thing that comes to my mind is...YAY!!! I get to pick my Paddy in PERSON!!!

    Does anyone know of any Milan Station in Kowloon?

    Oh boy, oh boy...I can't wait :smile:
  2. Should be one in Tsim Sha Tsui. I am familar with the one in Causeway Bay though, which is on the Hong Kong Island.
  3. DustyRose,

    How exciting!!! :yahoo: I think they have a great collection there. Hopefully you'll be able to have a lot of options to choose from. How long will you be gone?
  4. There are a few....but the one in Kowloon you will want is on Carnavron Rd. I was just there the other day, and the Paddy's were numerous, and about $800. But you should ask for a discount, and should be able to get at least 10% off!! office is 5 minutes away from that one...I go there often!!
  5. Hi Dustyrose! I'm not sure where in Kowloon but there's one at Central & 2 shops in Causeway Bay. They're just a train ride away from Kowloon. When will you be in HK? I'm actually in HK at the moment...for the next 2 weeks. Let me know...I know someone at Central's Milan Station.

  6. That's awesome. Love HK. I spent one summer there a number of years ago. Can you get good discounts there on Chloe? Next time I go to Asia, I'll go through HK :yes: . Usually I'm going through Singapore to Malaysia. Where would be better?

  7. Hi! I would say Hong Kong cheapmommy! You'll love it.
    I come here every other 2 months...I also buy most of my handbags here.

  8. Hysteric, is HK much cheaper than SG? I know the variety is greater, but what about the price? Makes me want to hop over for a weekend.
  9. *sniff* I was supposed to be going this Friday but my mean manager
    axed my trip :sad:

    It's either I sacrifice buying a Paddy to go to Hong Kong (just to admire the Paddys there) or get a Paddy now and then save up for my trip to HK later.

    Well, no prizes for guessing which option I'm going for...
    it looks like I will be ordering my Paddy from LVR after all ;)

    winyancheung, annemerrick, hysteric, thank you for chipping in with your helpful suggestions. I'll keep that info for future use...hehehe :smile:

    lordguinny, thank you for helping me out with all my Paddy queries :smile:

    Roxane & cheapmommy, you should definitely go to HK if you can. Just do a tPF search on "Hong Kong" and "Milan Station" and you'll be convinced :smile:
  10. Hi Roxane! HK is cheaper in terms of shopping. Definitely lots of variety to choose from! If you're shopping for a handbag I would say the price is slightly less compared to SG w/out GST. You must check out Milan or France Stations for secondhand most of the bags they sell are really in good condition. Of course...visit Lane Crawford in Central or's my shopping heaven!!!

  11. Gosh $800 paddies????? I would SO get one (or two lol) for that price! I kept hearing about Milan Station...would love to go there one day if I'm in the area!
  12. So can someone explain something to me? Are the Chloe Paddys ALWAYS $800 there in Hong Kong or are we talking when they're on sale?

    I have a good friend who is going to HK in October and he's willing to get me the bag I want if I ask. If they're really only $800, instead of buying one now on Ebay, I'll totally wait till he goes there!

    Do they really have Chloe Paddys in the secondhand stores there? Are these stores hard to find? I'd hate to have my friend trekking all over looking for these places - especially when it's his first trip!

    Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks!!! :heart:
  13. Hi! They're pretty easy to find. I'm sure the hotel concierge where your friend will be staying knows. Just mention MILAN STATION! I'm not sure about the price of the Paddy though ($800). These shops sell secondhand (you can ask for a discount) & brand new Chloe paddingtons.

    There's also another shop called TWIST...which sells brand new Paddingtons cheaper than retail. In fact, all the bags this shop sells are all brand new. They also sell wallets,clothes & shoes. I like this shop because on the price tag they actually show you the retail price & their store price. They have shops at World Trade Center, Causeway Bay (very easy to find) & at Kowloon side as well near Harbour City Mall.

    You should visit Hong Kong when you have an opportunity. Its a great place for shopping. Hong Kong should pay me for promoting their country...ha ha!

  14. Hi hysteric,

    :idea: Maybe you should work out a token system with the HK Tourism Board/Milan Station or Twist outlets whereby those PFers who have been successfully referred by you mention your name to get an extra discount and the outlets add brownie points to your token tally and you end up earning some commission or rebates for your wishlist items.
  15. Hav anyone come across such a shop in bangkok?