Paddy Handles

  1. I have never seen this issue addressed before...but on the handles of the paddington bags, are the leather pieces supposed to move or stay in place?? I have 2 paddies (one purchased from chloe and one from Bergdorf) and one moves and one doesn't. Just wondering what experiences you ladies have had with this.
  2. :nogood:Hmmm...the leather pieces on mine don't move....
  3. I have been told by one of the ladies at the chloe boutique here that those parts of the handles are not supposed to move. I wanted a bag authenticated and that was one of the things she checked. Since you bought your bags from authorized retailers/boutiques you might want to send it back for must be one of those glitches in:p chloe quality control.
  4. mine move - and my paddy is authentic!
  5. Mine move if you pull them as hard as you can. Even then they don't move that much (2-3mm), as mine don't line up and it's always driven me nuts!
  6. I've heard they do move - but are very tight and only move a tiny bit at a time.
  7. One of mine have kind of gone ''baggy'' at the edges if you get what i mean, drives me crazy, do you think it could be repaired? it's a jaune so i guess they might not as it's from '06
  8. Argghhhh!!!!!!!!!!! chloe does not make it easy do they?? The one that I have that moves, originally was pretty tight, but has loosened up considerably as I have carried it and now moves about pretty freely. Maybe I will send it back to chloe to have it repaired. Thanks everyone.
  9. Mine do not move, but they are not lined up either. Oh well, I guess QC sometimes slips up!!
  10. Mine move slightly as well :yes:

    It bugs but I can just about get them back in line after a bit of twisting ;)
  11. I'm glad somebody brought this up. My Paddy handles move and I have always wondered why!
  12. mine too and it drives me nuts too:hysteric::cursing:
  13. Oooh its nice to know that some peoples handles does not line up! mine does that and it annoys me so much. i have to pull really hard to get it kinda in line with each other!
  14. Hello everyone! In my black Paddy move slightly but with a little patience back in their place ;)
  15. I'm having this problem with the handles on my zippy... and it's rather annoying!!!!