paddy for christmas

  1. Thanks to some of you ladies on here my hubby was given help in choosing not one but 2 chloe paddingtons for my Christmas. He was given so much help he now knows way more about bags than I do. So hopefully some of you who helped him out will read this and get my thank you message.:tup:
  2. WOW- TWO Paddys??!!! Awesome hubby!!!!:yahoo:
  3. Lucky you! Welcome to the Chloe forum. Careful, they're addictive~!
  4. Wow! I'd say he's a keeper!:tup:
  5. Oh - I think I know who your hubby is - LOL! Was he hanging around the "Authenticate This" forum and is he an engineer!? I'll be he is just a fabulous guy - you lucky thing!
  6. Congrats! Post photos!! :smile:
  7. you lucky lucky girl!
  8. That's him. He doesn't always get it right, but when he does, he usually does it with style..........and yes, he's a keeper!!
  9. Oh he was so cute the way he was intently analyzing how to tell a fake!! He so badly wanted to get it all right for you and he approached everything with a scientist's eye. That is TRUE LOVE!!!
  10. LOL. You've described him to a "T" So Funny!:lol:
    I'm glad I managed to find someone who helped him out, he was soooo pleased with himself, and told me about the forum and how he'd managed to get all this help. When he started out he hadn't a clue and now knows it all!!!!
  11. I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing for you?! But since he is a sweetie pie he can come join us here anytime with his authenticating opinions - LOL!!!
  12. Congratulations to your bags and to a husband who amazed me by his thorough wish to understand the Chloé paddington... and to make you a special gift! His approach to authenticating was indeed very unique and we had several exchanges which were helpful for me, too!
  13. That's him alright. When he sets his mind to something, he goes about it with military precision and learns, then digests every bit of information that he possibly can and then becomes "an expert" by his own definition. I guess it's a big part of what I love about him. He can drive me nuts, but I love him