Paddy for $770 or Betty for $510?

  1. I got a sa at Nordstroms to PM the Paddy to Kirna Zabete for me for $770 but I also have a betty on the way for me for $550. I cant possibly keep both so please help me decide which one to keep. They are both tan so the color is pretty neutral. WHich one should I go with? TIA.
  2. where did you get the Betty and what color??? I love my Betty and every day I use it I love it more! What size Betty and which Paddy?? I think the Paddy's are beautiful but becomming more and more common and copied, and they are pretty heavy......
  3. Thought the Betty is a nice style, I still will always like the Paddy style the best out of the Chloe styles. :smile:
  4. Betty!! I think betty's style will last forever and can be used everyday without being "dated"!
  5. I have to vote for the Paddy! I absolutely love mine, and think its a tad bit nicer than the Betty. But don't get me wrong, I would kill for a chocolate betty right now too. You can't go wrong either way- and at those prices- you got a great deal!Enjoy!
  6. They both are in the Tan color. The Paddy is in a Med Sachel. The betty is the Med. but from what I hear...its still pretty big. I think its the color this chic is wearing in the pic:
  7. Do you want trend or do you want classic? Betty is more everyday. Paddy is trendy and hip. Which would you use more?
  8. I would use both! lol I know I'm terrible. I like to rotate by bags every week or two so it really doesnt matter to me. I'm kinda leaning towards the Paddy. :smile: Does anyone know if Tan in the paddy is a very nice color? I havent received it yet. TIA
  9. Both are great! I would do everything to get both. If you absolutely can't, I would probably go with the Betty. It has better longevity in terms of style. But in terms of leather, softness, scrumplovliness... I would so go for the Paddy. It's a Chloe icon, imo. :love:

    P.S. Tan in Paddy is great color! Very neutral, goes with everything!

  10. Thanks so much. I might just go ahead and try to "con" DH into letting me keep both. Either that or hide the bill! LOL I'm so :yahoo: ! I cant wait until they get here!
  11. I'm so excited for you! They are both great bags! Definitely post pics so the rest of us can drool over your lovely bags! ;)
  12. /\/\ absolutely!!!! Thanks!
  13. yeah, do your best to try to keep both! they're completely different bags and besides you're getting two for the price of one, how often does that happen with the bags you really want?!
  14. I just got a medium (the largest size) Betty for $719. I wish my SA would have matched that :sad:

    Thought I should just be thankful I got it all.
    Keep both. It would be irresponsible to pass up that deal :smile:
  15. At those prices, it's like getting TWO bags for less than the cost of ONE!!
    You HAVE TO keep both!!