Paddy Fever!!! Please help me decide!


Which Color Paddy should I get?

  1. Mousse

  2. Whiskey

  3. Chocolate

  4. Wait to see what comes out for Fall

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  1. As you all know, I have been having major Paddy fever lately. So, now I am in love with every color I see. AHHH! Please help me decide on which color I should get:

    Chcolate (if available)
    Wait to see what the Fall colors are?

    Any suggestions are welcome!!! Thanks for all your help ladies. And hope everyone has a wonderful Mothers Day!:flowers:
  2. I don't think you can go wrong with any of these colors. I have the Mousse and the Whiskey. I absolutely love them both! But out of all of them, I'd pick the Mousse first and foremost.
  3. I definitely like the Mousse out of these choices. However, I too am curious what's in store for Fall colors...
  4. I have the mousse and the whisky and both are gorgeous, but my no. 1 is definitely the whisky!!! :love::love::love:

    Mousse is a close second though :biggrin:

  5. whiskey and then chocolate!
  6. MOUSSE!!! I love the *unique* color and it's an eye catcher. I've had compliments everytime I wear my paddy =)
  7. I love love love Whiskey and Mousse, :love: but I'm super curious about what's coming up for Fall :amuse:
  8. Chocolate and Whiskey. If you can't get both, decide which color better fits your wardrobe. I use my choco more than whiskey but both colors are gorgeous.
  9. IMO the mousse looks dull and washed out. But its up to you b-cuz I know many ladies here have it and love it.

    I would wait for the new colors....if you can.....:yes:
  10. Jag :heart: Mousse.
    Jag buys Mousse.
    Jag = :biggrin:
  11. LOL!!!:roflmfao: Tami you crack me up! Loved that!

    Thank you for voting ladies!! PLEASE KEEP VOTING! Still undecided because I really love all these colors. What is a girl to do!:love:
  12. I'd play it safe and would probably get chocolate if I were only getting one paddy (unless you already have a great chocolate bag - then go whiskey). Otherwise I'd wait for fall... mousse is pretty but it's more of a fashion risk...
  13. Jag, get the mousse! You must get the mousse. Get the mousse. Got it? No? Let me repeat..

  14. Definitely the whiskey!! But then I'm a little biased because that's the color that I have.

    I was contemplating a mousse after seeing all the pretty pics here, however, I was disappointed seeing it IRL. My local Saks had 3 paddy's in mousse and all 3 had the smooth leather making the color look very flat and washed out as someone else had mentioned. The leather of these 3 mousse paddy's seemed a little thinner than that of a whiskey, too. Maybe if you could find a mousse with the pebbly leather then the color would have more definition to it? To the ladies who own both the whiskey and mousse, do you notice any difference in the leather? thickness and texture?
  15. i would say the chocolate (and my second choice being the whiskey) just because i think the paddy tends to look nicer in darker more natural tones.