Paddy experts - what color is this?

  1. I thought maybe this was whiskey, but now I'm not sure. It has kind of pinkish undertones rather than the orange-y undertone I have seen in other people's pics. Can you all help me ID this color? Thanks!

  2. Well no it doesn't look like whiskey, maybe tan? Not sure at all but wait for other opinions ;)
  3. This looks like "cannelle" to me. It's a new color for '07 and it's similar to the color that they used to call "flesh" in the "Crayola" crayons box years ago.:rolleyes: (I am dating myself, I know!!) I saw this color IRL at Neiman's and I have to say, it's not a favorite of mine. I've seen it called "cinnamon" as well. It DOES have pinkish overtones and I would call it a pinkish-brownish, dark beigey color...I took a pass on this one. It's probably one of the few colors I DON'T have and don't care for, but to each his own!! :wlae: They have this in the medium paddy on Bluefly now, and it's at in a few styles as well. If you don't have a beige, or a tan bag, you may like it:smile:
  4. Ha ha ha! 'Flesh Crayolas'. That brought back a few memories for me too (very old person). I remember we used to colour in people's faces with it at Infant School. Looked nothing like flesh!. Actually that's a lie. I've seen a few women wearing so much foundation that their skin looks 'flesh-coloured' - courtesty of Crayola Cosmetics :roflmfao:
  5. Oh sorry for the mistake, haven't seen the cannelle colour :sweatdrop:
  6. aha - that's what I thought. I was hoping to get a whiskey bag. I will return it - I'm not a huge fan either. On to bigger and better things, LOL.

    Thanks so much for the help!!
  7. It's definitely not whiskey. It almost looks like the colors tan and sable had a baby! :rolleyes:

    You are right, it does have a distinct "fleshy"color...and seeing how it is that leather IS an animal's flesh I'm not sure I'm too keen on this color. :push:
  8. :yes: :yes: Yep - it is definately "Cannelle". I saw this last week in London and then again in Birmingham and have to agree with Beanie and say it is one of my least fav colours for a paddy :sad:
  9. Thanks again! You ladies are always such a big help!! :yes: