Paddy Dilemma

  1. OK please someone help me to choose between the following colours for my first ever chloe paddington bag. My choice is between black, off-white (or cream or craie or whatever it is called) and whiskey.

    I initially wanted to get the off-white one but I then came on this forum and saw pictures of the whiskey paddy and of course fell head-over heels. But now I am thinking should I go for the safer option and choose black? But then again I want a colour that will stand out. Off-white may get dirty more quickly etc etc

    What should I do?
  2. I would go for a whiskey or with some cream shade - whiskey is definitely easier to keep clean and it's gorgeous rich colour, definitely perfect for fall... but there's something so luxurious in all the cream shades (like blanc, craie, creme etc) :biggrin:
    Sorry I cant just pick one... but which ever you'll get you cant go wrong:smile:
    I'd maybe get a whiskey now, and if you'll love it much then get some cream shade too..!! :P
  3. :yes: I think Whiskey is the most versatile colour too. Its a rich, gorgeous colour. I still believe that the very pale cream colours suit the summer months best :smile: , but for all year round, from your choices, its got to be the Whiskey :graucho:
  4. I think you could work more with whiskey than anything else.
  5. Whiskey! It works with whatever you wear - I love mine!
  6. Oh thank you everyone
  7. Definitely whiskey. The color is magnificent and it goes with EVERYTHING! Even black! You won't regret it!!!
  8. i'd say whiskey too. & it actually seems like your heart IS leaning more towards whiskey. ;)
  9. They both look good to me. I especially like the second one, the leather is beautiful.
  10. If whiskey captured your attention then that's the one you should choose! :flowers: It's a gorgeous color and you can wear it all year! :yes:
  11. Whiskey is gorgeous. It has character.