Paddy crazy!

  1. ok i need some honest answers, this week i've gone a bit daft and bought 3 paddies to go with my exsiting mousse, got an '05 choco, bleu nuit and a jaune, i only have the bleu nuit here so i'll post pics soon. Would you keep all 4? feel a little silly having 4 of the same bag even if they different colours.
  2. I have 4 different colors i don't think it's silly.


  3. They sound beautiful and all very different colors! I have 4 MJ stellas in different colors- it's my fav bag style (I used to have 6 but sold 2)
  4. I don't think it silly, when you love something why not have as many colors as it comes in!!!

    But keep in mind that you are asking a bunch of chloe addicts, so you may not get the voice of reason
  5. I have 3 Paddington bags and 3 clutches and I love them all, so no I don't think it's silly. But I think ali w is right - we might not be the voices of reason here!

    Btw, D&G Rockstar - gorgeous collection! I especially love the one on the bottom - is that Grenat?
  6. You have made me feel heaps better girls, thanks! except.... now i want a grenat and a tan! :blink:
  7. The bottom is a large grenat loaf... i love it!!!

    Thank you for the sweet compliment. :heart:
  8. Any one else noticed there is a slight size difference in the years? my mousse is slightly bigger than the bleu nuit.
  9. I don't think its silly! I have 4 medium size paddy's in different colors and one baby paddy in the same color as one of my medium paddy's. Nice collection by the way!
  10. D&G that's such a great picture! like paddy jenga! i really love the grenat too, i think i'm going to get myself into trouble, ah well...
  11. Von, you can count on getting your self in trouble on this forum:p!! But I must say trouble never looked so good( as I think of all my fab paddy's
  12. I honestly believed i'd be content with my mousse, then i buy 3 in a week:wtf:
  13. I think if you like something, why not. I was goo-goo over MJ bags and at one point had 6 Venetia's in different colors. I've sold all but 3 and most likely will sell one or two of those. The only drawback I can think of is that you might tire of the same style faster, although I still love the look of the Venetia, I'm just expanding into other designers.
  14. I guess so, i used to love mulberry then i sold all of them