Paddy confusion!?!?

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  1. I want to get a Paddy, but being kinda new to Chloe' and the "real" designer bags. I'm a bit confused. I know I want a Paddington, but I didn't realize there were different styles to choose from. I thought a Paddy was a Paddy! :smile: Can someone tell me where I can go look at the different styles and colors? I like the tobacco, but not sure if that's still an available color. I've tried the Chloe website and Net-A-Porter, but it was a bit confusing... or maybe I'm just not the sharpest tool! :confused1: Can someone do a Chloe 101 for me? Or point me to a thread or website?

    Are these bags readily available in stores? Who do you recommend buying from?
    It seems like I read a post a while back that had a reference to a website of a lady who sold 2nd hand bags... I can't remember her name though. It seems like the lady's name was also the online store name.

    Thank you!!!
  2. There are several different styles of Paddington and it confuses me too. I think the web site you are referring to is Ann's Fabulous Finds. :yes:
  3. YES! That was it... thanks! I *think* I want a medium Paddy. I just don't know if there are different types of med paddy's??
  4. i just got mine from NM, and the SA was describing to me the differences. The medium is the cute one- it's not as wide and slightly tapered towards the top. the Large is more like a duffle (that's the one I have). Shorter people may not like the Large due to it's size. I'm 5'9" so I'm ok with it.
  5. I'm 5'3 and think a large would be too big for me. I saw a pic of someone 5'3 about the same size as me with their paddy in the action shots so that's what makes me think I want a medium. Do all the Paddy's have 2 zippers across the top that meet in the middle?
    How heavy are these bags? Unfortunately I don't live anywhere near a high end dept store. I'm in AL if that tells you anything. Almost all my bags have been bought sight unseen! I rely on my bag boards to point me in the right direction. :smile:
  6. The classic paddy is really nice and fits alot! I"ve read a few girls that are 5'3 that chose the mini paddy instead of the classic medium size. I bought my 06 blanc from Ann's Fabulous Finds. She has good stuff. They have a couple chocolate bags on there from what I hear are really nice. Out of all the paddy's, my favorite is the classic size. The mini is really cute, but if you carry alot of stuff, you can't fit to much in there. Now here's a few places you can shop online to get authentic Chloe's:
    Oh, and I just found out that Nordstrom's is having a sale (30-40% off) on Chloe. If you call Georgette 408-248-2180, she can track almost any bag down that you find. She is really good and sent me a couple of bags in the past.
  7. Thanks for the links! What color is the one one the lower right in your signature? I want a brown bag, just not sure which one. I like the tobacco... do they make that anymore?
  8. Oh, and I do carry quite a bit so the medium/classic should be perfect! Is this bag as heavy as people make it out to be?
  9. If you're concerned about what size to get, you should go to and do a search for "Chloe Paddington". Click on either a Med Paddington or the Mini in whatever color, and then click "see more images" and they show what the bag would look like being carried by a 5'6 model. That's how I decided to get the Mini vs the Medium. I'm 5'6 as well, and I thought the Medium looked big on the model. The Mini looked just right! I know you said you're 5'3, but you should be able to judge based on the picture. Good luck! :smile:
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