Paddy come in small padlock? or is it paranoia

  1. I went shopping I'm not suppose to...:sad:
    and found me a chloe purse that was just too adorable:p. It's a blue paddy that comes with a small padlock, I'm thinking I'm buying it from a very well known dept. store, there is no way it could be fake right?? so I got it b/c I also remember my freind telling me awhile back that chloe came out with small padlocks for the bag b/c the original was too heavy even though I never seen it before.....(mine other ones all have the big padlocks..) so I want to verify what my freind had told me.... is there really small padlock or is paranoia got to me that someone bought a fake off the street and swap it with the store...I mean I don't think the SA are that dumb but what if its an inside job...comparing the purse to all my other chloes it looks just like them...or could this one just be a really good fake?? please help. Thanks!
  2. which store is it from?
  3. Well you shouldn't have a problem with Nordies. I'd say buy and have it authenticated on the forum. Worse case scenario just return it!
  4. i've attached the pictures...would this help? to end my paranoia :p

    yea, i'm pretty trusting of Nordies just...i don't trust people hee hee

    oh and the bag is not that blue! the flash apparently lighten the blue hue....
    CIMG5440.JPG CIMG5443.JPG CIMG5444.JPG
  5. Yep, I've seen these at my Nordies. Is it called the large Dome?? I want the same bag in the chocolate color. It also comes in "Tomette" which must translate to tomato. Anyway, LOVE it. :tup:
  6. i was in nordy 2 weeks ago and she said that the reason why they are having this huge sale on chloe because chloe is redesigning .. making the padlock little bit smaller from the old one.. so its true what you are seeing ... smaller padlock