Paddy Color Recs

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm new to this forum and I would like to seek your opinion on which Paddy to purchase.
    Unfortunately, I can only afford to get just the one Paddy, so I must be 100% sure that I select a color that I really love.

    Right now the colors that I'm leaning towards are:
    Gris Vert

    Is there a medium brown Paddy this A/W 06 that doesn't have any orange undertones? The Whiskey Paddy does have some orange in it, right?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. By the way, I'm planning on purchasing my Paddy from LVR since I'm from Malaysia.

    Thanks :smile:
  2. CHOCOLATE all the way baby! The other colors are lovely, but chocolate is so complex and intricate. In the sun it is a deep reddish brown with raspberry swirls. Indoors it is a deep chocolate brown. The gold harware padlock looks decadant with chocolate. I am a big fan of warn colored bags and chocolate, craie, whiskey, tan, grenat are definitely my favorites.

    However, if you are a cool colored baby get the gris vert! Or mousse!
  3. Nobody does chocolate brown better than Chloe. It is the deepest, richest color brown around. Chocolate is my vote!
  4. See I'm quite partial to the gris vert....

  5. Hi lordguinny, NWpurselover & Ellay...thanks for your input :smile:

    Actually, I would love to get a Chocolate Paddy; however, I already own another chocolate bag (a Fendi Ostrik) and I'm not sure if I should go for chocolate again.

    My wardrobe comprises mainly green, turquoise, teal, pink, white and some basic neutrals (black, grey, beige, brown, taupe, khaki)
    Which color Paddy would give me greater mileage?

    Another thing is that I'm 5'3", on the skinny side (with a smallish frame), do you think I ought to go for the mini paddington or the regular medium paddington? I know there's not much difference in terms of price between the two bags, and most people would opt for the medium paddy but I can't help but wonder if the medium paddy will overwhelm me.

    Also, can you tell me if there is any significant difference if the Paddy is
    made with calf leather vs the original Paddy in lambskin leather?

    Thank you all so much for your helpful suggestions. I LOVE this forum!!!! :smile:
  6. well dustyrose I would say probably the charcoal colour as you could wear it with anything at all, and if you already have a choc coloured bag.... I had the same prob as you trying to decide which size to go for, and went for the reg size in the end as I carry lots of stuff round with me. It is heavier than you average bag, but I love the fact it reminds me it's there! I'm pretty sure tho that I would go for baby paddy next time for a change.

  7. Have you considered the creme color? It's got a pinkish undertone that would go quite well with the colors you describe, IMHO
  8. have you considered the new metallic aubergine. Its a rocking colour, looks lovely and dark from a distance, but funky and gorgeous close up. From the sounds of your wardrobe, it might fit the bill nicely :biggrin:
  9. oh, and definitely the medium size for your first one. Its a great size and a much better size bag for the price than the baby.
    oh dear, although I do loooooove the baby too ;)
  10. Oh dear, now I'm more undecided than ever!

    Chloe-babe, the metallic paddys look absolutely decadent, but I keep hearing all these horror stories about the color on metallics rubbing off, the leather not wearing as well and since I'm a worry-wart I guess I'll stick to a non-metallic color for now.

    hmwe46, I'd love a creme Paddy, but won't it get stained easily?

    Ellay, what color did you get for your first Paddy?

    Right now, after hearing everyone's helpful feedback, I'm kinda inclined to buy more than 1 Paddy (though there's no way I can afford it). Maybe I'll get one Paddy this year, and another one next year??!!! Oh dear, it looks like I'm well on my way to becoming a Paddy addict even before my first purchase!

    Anyway, I have more or less "narrowed down" my selection to:

    Dark/Warm color options for first Paddy purchase:

    Cool/Lighter color choices for 2nd Paddy purchase:
    Gris Vert

    Or should my options be reversed...should I get the Cool/Lighter colors first and the dark/warm colors second?

    Will the medium size swamp me?

    Thanks for all your help, everyone!
  11. Dustyrose, here are some side-by-side pics of my two medium paddies in mousse and chocolat (photo happy today- must be bored and no new bags to buy!!).

    Check out my other posts of the bags with shoes and coats for a color reference too :smile:
    40.dbas 011.jpg 40.dbas 012.jpg
  12. I love the choco and the noir (dark grey). Noir might be harder to find since it is a pre-spring '06 color...choco is continued each season. Good luck, keep us posted :smile:
  13. hmwe46...I want BOTH your paddies. Absolutely gorgeous, thanks for sharing your pics.

  14. I agree! :yes:
  15. Hi dustyrose, the more colours I looked at the more confused I got too! They are all beautiful, but you have to start somewhere... I reasoned with myself that seeing as winter is on its way, I should go for a dark colour, and then wait for spring to come round to get a creme or lighter colour then. In the end I was drawn to the metallic aubergine and it's such a beautiful rich colour and I love the silver padlock too. The colour does not rub off, the leather is really soft and I've had loads of comments about it already!
    If you still have worries about the metallic, I would go for the charcoal