Paddy Color Clarification

  1. I've been out of the loop with the new Paddy colors and I just wanted to clarify which was which. These pics are from LVR.

    Which one is the Taupe and which is the Jaune? I was under the impression that the first was tan, but I guess I'm wrong? Oh and does anyone have a pic of the Chamios color and will it be a Paddy color?

    Thanks in advance for the clarification! :biggrin:
    0178.jpg 0180.jpg
  2. Taupe is the left one. It looks more purple in real life. Very ineteresting!
  3. Oh how interesting. Hmm.
  4. the jaune is the mustardy yellow.
  5. Nicolette, you've seen the Taupe in real life? Could you provide a mroe accurate description of the colour? How does it compare to the Tan Paddy? I can't decide which one to get!! :wacko: