Paddy Clutch not hanging vertically

  1. Got the paddy clutch from NAP last week and I found it not hanging vertically when carrying with the strap.
    However, if I remove the big silver buckle and hook it to the ring, it seems a lot better....see pic....
    Just my 2 cents and sorry for the poor pic... need to save up for a better DC :jammin:
  2. I noticed that about my clutch as well...and a couple of others have mentioned it here on the forum i think...

    but I still love my silver clutch! --it's a keeper for me! Thanks hk for the idea for another way to let it hang!
  3. Yeah, mine does that too ... I just hooked it to the ring and it works fine for me! I love the metallic clutch ... it's just so pretty, I'm keeping mine too!
  4. Thanks, I'm going to try it your way. ( I was complaining about my clutch on the forum)

    How about the silver hardware? mine looks a bit used with light scratches on it. I don't know i'f I'm going to keep it. I probably will because it was on sale.
  5. Thanks for the tip but I don't find it very comfy on the shoulder, I just make a loop and use it as a wristlet :yes:
  6. Yes, mine is a bit scratches as well, but i think it's meant to be like that....i am going to keep mine too.......

    Another question:

    I found the zipper so hard to zip and upzip for mine, do yours have the same problem?