Paddy Capsule Satchel - $729 Saks

  1. Saks on-line has the Paddy Capsule Satchel for $729, the color says gray, but on the BG website that same color said Ecru, so not sure what the true color is, but a great price!! Also, some other designers are newly added.
  2. Oh wow great find IIlson
  3. All gone :crybaby: But, great find -- thanks for posting!!!
  4. I got one!! :yahoo:When I saw it this morning for that price I almost fell out of my chair. The color looks gorgeous and perfect for spring. I have never seen this color IRL though so fingers crossed. They also had a beautiful YSL and some Prada for great prices.:yes:
  5. Llson, do you by any chance have the link? Thanks!
  6. OMG! CONGRATULATIONS! That is awesome:tup::tup::tup: Cheaper than you can buy a 'questionable' one on eBay :yucky: If, on the rare chance that it comes and you don't like the color -- let me know ;)
  7. Hey, Jen I would be happy to let you know if for some reason she's not for me.:heart: I don't even have one in this style but for that price had to try. It's set for delivery on the 1st so I will post pics and keep you updated.:yes:
  8. I got one too while I was searching for a pair of black shoe.
    I love your Balenciaga bags. Where can you buy those bags?
  9. Thanks so much!:idea: I love Balenciagas for their rich colors. You can get them from BalNY, Aloha Rag,,, and of course on the *bay. If you go w/ the bay make sure to go to the authenticate this tread. The ladies are tons of help and as you know buying on *bay can be scary sometimes.
  10. The bag is totally gone, it's not even showing anymore, so no link, sorry. You might try calling Saks online 1-877-551-7257 and ask if any of the stores have one.
  11. They have one in the chocolate color in the regular Chloe handbag section still if that helps but it is not on sale:sad:
  12. Thanks for the info. I love the colors of Balenciagas very much.
    Enough damage was done this month, I will do some research next month. I definitely will not try the *bay after I read the Prada story on other thread.
  13. I know, that is just awful. What a shady seller too, they should ashamed:hysteric:. I hope she at the very least gets her money back.
  14. Thanks so much, tatertot! Yes, please do keep me posted - I hope that she works out for you :yes: BTW - Your Balenciaga collection is TDF :love:
  15. 0709 Saks 05.jpg