Paddy at NM!

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  1. Its ok... ridiculous price though!
  2. Oh I liked the blue!!
  3. I like the silver lizard better :biggrin:
  4. My favorite color the paddington comes in is the rouge :love: I also really like the chocolate brown.
  5. i like the blue one
  6. I love this paddington. It's the only one I would want right now. After I saw this, I turned down the red one today-Christina it's available at Holt renfrew Mtl.Canada if your interested. Ask for Alex. I just feel they will be readily available soon and will sell out not limiting production. I want this one sooooo badly. I won't pay this price though, maybe my hubby will. Wish me luck!
  7. I love the brown lizard.
  8. Heh, unless I win the lottery or someone in my family is feeling very generous this Christmas and would like to give me a paddy, I won't be purchasing one anytime soon. I'll just have to admire from afar :toung: Thanks for the tip, though :biggrin:
  9. Hello Everyone.
    First, I am new and i want to say hello. :P

    Second, i want to ask everyone's opinion. I am lusting after the white paddy(spring 2005 color) and the bright metallic magenta balenciaga (small size, limited 2004 color edition).

    I already own a red paddy and brown paddy, but i am still lusting after the white spring color. Its going for $1800 on ebay, while the balenciaga is $1300 on ebay. About $500 difference :sad2:

    I never own a balenciaga so i dont know for sure if i will like the size, shape, style, though i do find the picture very cute. :noworry:

    Anyone owns a balenciaga bag? Is it pretty roomy and cute?

    Please advise. :amuse:
    Thank you :lol:
  10. ^^Paging FendiBagLady!

    Despite her name, she's got a pretty sizeable Balenciaga collection..... I just PM'd her with a related question myself!
  11. Issmom

    I saw from other thread that you have the limited edition silver paddy! I am sooooo jealous ! :evil: :toung:

    That is a pretty bag! I was looking for it but could not find one. :Push:

    I bet you have compliments everywhere you go with it :love:

    Great taste and choice! :love:
  12. Issmom,

    Are you thinking of buying balenciaga too? I am a little late in loving the balenciaga.. ha ha ;) .. but yet still unsure of its style and size.. :sad:

    I am thinking of either the silver, or metallic magenta or the simple bubblegum pink color... What do u think? :nuts:

    or maybe i should just stick to the original paddy (white) ? :love:
  13. ^^Yup...I was never a fan of the Balenciaga. The leather ones seem....feh. I'll be cruel here...I know its quality leather because I've felt them, but they look....'pleather-ish'. BUT, that haven't been said, I've recently warmed to the denim ones. The denim seems to 'sit well' with the really casual style of the Balenciaga. I'm just not sure of the size or shape I should get. I've only seen the box style in person (in the denim) so I'm hoping for some guidance myself.

    I can't tell you not to buy another Paddington. I have the silver LE and I have a blue hobo. Given the finances, I'd also own the brown lizard.