Paddy as a shoulder bag...Can it work?

  1. nm
  2. Totally, the regular (medium) Satchel is made to go on the arm, so its perfect as a shoulder bag, but there are lots of other paddington versions, such as the paddy shoulder bag which has a long strap that you can wear too
  3. Thanks, I thought I remembered it did. I just went over the BG to check it out and they had NONE! Is the Paddy not popular for Spring?
  4. Neiman Marcus has 'em.
  5. ITA.:yes:

    (As long as you don't wear a Michelin man jacket over a fleece jumper);)
  6. I think the regular paddy fits over the shoulder.
  7. I wear my regular paddy under the should all the time.
  8. I have a pocket paddington which fits over the shoulder well.
  9. The Paddington Classic fits over your shoulder, but it is difficult to keep it there unless you hold onto it. Also, because of the weight, you need to adjust shoulders every so often.