Paddy advice please! Whiskey and/or blanc?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I've just been doing lots of reading in the Chloe forum and I LOVE all the pics and the great information you ladies have been sharing! So although I've never laid down so much money for a bag before... everything I've seen in here has convinced me that I should!

    So now I'm seriously considering getting my first Paddington ever this coming December and I'd love to hear your opinions and thoughts!!

    Although December is still awhile away I figure I need a lot of time to think about my purchases 'cause I'm thinking of going on a bit of a rampage in December... I'm hoping to also bag myself a Lady Dior Cannage shoulder bag as well as a Balenciaga City... so at the moment I think I can only afford to get one paddy, thus the dilemma.

    Whiskey or blanc? :shrugs: Your thoughts? oh... and I'm comfortable with not dirtying the blanc so please don't include that in your recommendation on which you prefer. Thanks!!

    Does anybody own both and have a preference?

    and I guess another question I have is... is it even possible to get either of these two colours in retail stores still? Like department stores or an actual Chloe boutique?

    My big problem is that I'm not too comfortable with ordering things online cuz I'm such a scaredy-cat that I'll get scammed somehow or even if it is a reputable seller.. that the package will get lost in the shipping process. :sad:

    Thanks in advance for all your help!! I haven't seen either colour IRL yet so I can't base my decision on the 'gut feeling' like I normally do!
  2. My vote is for Whiskey! It is such a fabulous color IRL, and so rich and amazing! I also like it because it is a color you can easily wear year round and looks great with anything!

    I am not sure if you can still get blanc right now, but I know that whiskey should still be available.
  3. OMG that is SUCH a tough decision! They're the 2 best colours IMO - so good choices as it is!! :yes:

    I think I need more time to think about this one!!! :shrugs:

    Although I do happen to know that you have a TON of brown bags already!! Does that sway your decision at all? White bags are always so gorgeous!! :love:
  4. jag - thanks for your input! I guess the availability might end up choosing one for me?

    sharbear when I saw you had posted I was worried you'd be reminding me not to go crazy! :P Yeah... I've thought about this dilemma/choice a LOT lately and to no avail. I guess because the colours are so different it makes it quite tough to compare. As for the brown bags comment... yeah.. but I don't have any that are the same brownish/golden hue of the whiskey!! That is why I'm not considering the chocolate paddy... because although it looks gorgeous in people's pictures and I also actually saw this colour IRL, but the colour is awfully similar to the Miu Miu and the leather parts of the Gucci and the Coach...

    ...and now I feel so guilty about being greedy cuz I did a search and saw that mos got a blanc paddy with a 20% discount?! :wtf: wow! I'm SO jealous!
  5. said least you didn't say NOW... :P

    Oh that's true - whiskey is such a beautiful shade of brown...I'm still thinking!!! :girlsigh:

    20% off!!!!!! :nuts: HOW???????
  6. The three Chloe paddys I want most are whiskey, chocolate, and a variation of white. :heart: I have the chocolate and it's lovely but I think whiskey is my favorite. The color is so amazing and different! So I would say that is at the top of my list. However if you don't have a white bag or have very few white, get the blanc.
  7. I can't remember exactly which one it was.. but either NM or Bloomies had a Family & Friends sale of 20% off that applied to Chloe!!! It's news like this that makes me wish we lived in the States! Let me know if you ever start to seriously consider moving to NYC.. :graucho:
  8. Good luck with your decision jadecee!!! Whichever one you choose, you will end up with a gorgeous bag! You cannot go wrong!
  9. We don't have to move, we can just strategically plan our travelling!!! :P
  10. Thanks Audrey! It is true that I don't have much white. I have one white miumiu (Shar.. have you even seen that one?) but the leather on that one is really thin and so it's gotten pretty beat up. Doesn't help that someone accidentally got blue pen marks on it!!! :rant: That bag was also a really white shade of white... so now I think it's starting to look yellow despite me keeping it in a dustbag most of the time...

    That's why I think the blanc would be nice... it's not too white and the leather on the paddy (from what I gather from reading the posts in this sub-forum) is thicker which I think will prevent it from looking really beat up.

    But on the other hand... I can't ignore the depths of colour that I see in the whiskey and it seems to be a lot of you girls' fave! I :heart: both a lot...:love:
  11. opening a card with bloomies also gives you 15% off ANYTHING. i know it doesnt sound like a lot but when youre spending like $1500-2000, that 200-300 bucks off makes a big difference. p.s. i prefer blanc :P but whiskey is more of a fall/winter color
  12. My first paddington was chocolate. After that one I wanted craie (which is a soft white...cream discontinued). I couldn't find it so I purchased a whiskey paddington instead. I was so surprised by it's color in person! It was so rich, deep and GORGEOUS.

    I now have an opportunity to get the elusive craie....but I decided not to. I love my whiskey much more. One thing you have to consider with blanc is that the color may look sprayed on. For some colors it may cheapen the look of the bag a bit. Some Blanc paddingtons (not all) have this look because blanc is very chalk white. If I were to buy a white paddington it would probably be in one of the softer cream colored styles (like sable, craie, etc) than pure Blanc.

    In regards to availability you will be able to find Blanc easily. Whiskey I am not too confident about. Like I mention a lot on this forum, whiskey is very hard to find, especially if you want to look at one in person. If you want to order one online it will be easier . If you do find one it is an '06 Spring (potentially a return) because Chloe is pushing the Muscade/Orange colors this fall. So Whiskey was not on the Ordering list for a lot of department store. If Muscade/orange become uber popular whiskey might be a discontinued color....:Push:
  13. I ordered a lovely white Miu Miu from the NM sale early this summer.
    It was sooo pretty, but I could tell from the texture of the leather that
    it would pick up dirty and water spots very quickly and that the leather
    would soak it up without easily releasing for cleaning. It was a very
    softe leather, great size and shape too.... Back she went! :crybaby:

    In any case, I have a whiskey in my hot little hands today (keep reminding
    me this a christmas gift for my mom, ladies!!!). It is really a TDF color.
    I also have the mousse and choco and must admit that I wish my choco
    would morph into whiskey :biggrin:

    Hopefully I will get my long-awaited blanc today:yahoo: and will do a
    side by side comparo for you!! I am practicing with the camera now :yes:
  14. I know I'm biased since I have the blanc one ... but I went thru the same thing. I ordered my blanc from Holt Renfrew and at the time they had a whiskey and a blanc ... I really couldn't decide which color to pick. So I asked the SA which looked better IRL since she had them side by side ... she said the whiskey was a nice color but the blanc looked stunning. So I picked the blanc and I absolutely love it!
  15. hmwe46, you are in paddington heaven! If the whiskey paddington your hubby bought for mom was more pebbly and smooshy do you think you would have "lost" it? :lol:

    I think the main thing with paddingtons is, no matter the color, the leather must be right in order for someone to fall in love with the bag and the color. I think that if my whiskey or chocolate had come stiff with no character I wouldn't have liked it as much. The same goes for Blanc. I think the ones that look "painted" on are the ones that are stiff with no pebbling.

    I've seen Blanc paddies with great leather and they are GORGEOUS. Light colored paddingtons are truly stunning. I can't wait to see photos of your new beauty!