Paddle brush recs?

  1. My stylist recommended that I get a flat paddle brush with a ceramic base and rubber tips for my longish straight hair. With Sephora F&F, I am debating between these two brushes even though the T3 is temporarily sold out. Any recs? Thanks.
    GHD paddle brush
    T3 paddle brush
  2. dont know if this helps but I always say- its sold out for a reason ;) darn, now I want one of those haha I do need a good brush
  3. I got the ghd brush - will get it in a few days! The T3 is sold out and I doubt they will restock before the f&f ends.
  4. I think that Ulta carries T3, and I got a 20% off entire purchase this week, so I might check it out this weekend. I think I will probably order the ghd brush from sephora as well. I do remember last year that my lipstick sold out during f&f, and then they briefly restocked before f&f ended - I don't know if it was a full replenishment or a return?