paddle brush or ordinary comb?

  1. is paddle brush much more better to use to help straighten hair while blow drying or just an ordinary comb? and also just for fixing hair, which is much better to make it straighter without blow drying?
  2. I guess it depends on your hair. A round brush works best for me when I want to blow-dry it straight because I've got awfully curly locks. But if yours isn't so curly (as I can see from your pic) a paddle brush will be just fine IMO.
  3. If your hair is straight a paddle brush works the best. You might consider purchasing a boar or combination bristle brush. My favorite is Mayson Pearson.
  4. i love their paddle brushes too!!!! its so cute how you get a little brush to clean them. iv had a natural bristle one for years(the fact that its hog hair puts some people off though)
  5. Ya a brush with boar bristles is best since it will help distribute the oils in your hair and make it shiny.
  6. Mason Pearson brushes are great. I've used this brand for a few years now. Spornette--theirs is a combo of boar and nylon bristles-- they make great brushes and they are cheaper than Mason Pearson.
  7. i use a paddle brush, i just think it works better.
  8. paddle brush :rolleyes:
  9. Hey kabayan! hihihi.. an ordinary comb works well for me, i guess it depends on your hair type.. I don't comb/brush my hair that often... But it always stays smooth...
  10. The ladies at my salon do it with the round bristles brush. If you have a bit wavy or straight hair just use a ceramic flat iron. Blowdrying is so much more worse for your hair.
  11. my vote goes to the paddle brush (based on personal experience) although the round brush works pretty well, i think i would leave that to the pros!
  12. metal paddle brush. the medel heats up the hair shaft and helps to straighten it.:p
  13. I use a paddle brush too for straightening but then I use GHD hair straighteners after blow drying it

    I would never use a comb on my hair as combs can snag and tear the hair
  14. I have wavy hair that needs a little work to straighten. I use a paddle brush which generally works well, but I'm thinking of switching to the round boar bristle brush that my stylist uses. I bet I will get better consistent results with the round brush, but the paddle brush I think is easier.