Paddiongton Cross-Body bag for $796

  1. Somebody got it - it's gone!

    Hope it was someone from here......
  2. i snatched that deal as fast as i could (hopefully NM won't cancel my order, as they have done in the past on other great deals)...thank you for posting the link.

    it seems a few people on this forum have purchased the cross body style and returned them. We shall see if it's a keeper for me...afterall it'll be my first paddy ever!
  3. Congrats ceseeber! My mom has that bag and loves it! Please post pics when it arrives.
  4. Congrats!
  5. Uh oh ceseeber - I got this too! Hopefully there was more than 1. If not I hope you get it since I am really supposed to be on a ban on big ticket items till after christmas - but I couldn't pass this up!! This would be my 1st chloe too - I have always liked them and have been looking for a good crossbody for ages.
  6. kbell,
    I'm a little nervous about all the returns I've read about in past posts regarding this bag. It seems as if it's made itself around the block many times, so I'll be sure to check for chipped hardware, etc. I'll keep you posted if i get it, keep it or return it.
  7. ^^^ I'll keep you posted too! I just found the pix someone had posted of it being modeled & I really like it. I'll look for flaws as well - not sure really how I feel about the giant padlock, if it's difficult to get in & out of the bag that will annoy me. Good luck - I hope we both get one & end up loving it!!

    Thanks for the post moogle!!!!!
  8. ^^^well my order was cancelled by NM saying stock depleted so it just wasn't meant to be. Hope you get it!!!
  9. I'm glad someone from here got it - it looks great in the stock photo, so will be better in person.

    I'll post if I run into anymore Chloes.

    ceseeber - your welcome, and we want to see pictures when you get it!
  10. NM is funny - even though they cancelled my chloe order because out of stock - I got an email notice they are still shipping my 3 freebies/GWP from the promo codes I added to the order @ no charge.
  11. The black on black paddington cross-body finally arrived, without any paint chips and it's a nice leather!... :yahoo:
    but without tags.... :sad:

    I'm going to think about if I should keep it or not. I'm not all too surprised that it came without tags since I'm positive it's a return. But then again I've never sold a purse and do not anticipate to do so in the maybe the tags aren't all that important to me? Then again I do not have the knowledge base to know if it's real.

    I will post pictures once I'm at home for those who are curious & many thanks for the congratualtion made me smile
  12. Oooh! I cannot wait to see pics of this one. Are tags all that important during resale? You do have the receipt from NM...nn the other hand, maybe you can negotiate a discount since the item is in used condition and not brand spankin' (with tags) new. :shrugs:
  13. voila!
    paddington c-b.jpg
  14. Very nice!!