Paddinton Colours

  1. Can anyone tell me the difference between sand and ivory in the paddy collection. I want to get a chloe paddington, but in the colour of ivory i have looked at online boutiques and have only found it in sand, is there much difference? I really want it in Ivory, is it best if i go to a boutique like selfirdges to see if they have one in that (Ivory) or can order one in Ivory. Advice needed and v. much appreciated this will be my first chloe purchase, HELP ME PLEASE!
  2. Hi Shoequeen.
    Sand is the a/w 06 colour so it will be the one that you will now find instore. It is absolutely gorgeous and could be used right through the year, where as the Ivory is quite abit paler, and is great for summer :smile:

    This is the sand

    The ivory is quite different. If you look on the post your paddingtons thread in here, you will see the Ivory posted.
  3. Thanks
  4. no problem :smile:
    The sand is one of the very newest colours. Would love somebody on here to buy it so we can all swoon over it!

    As you probably know, NAP have this colour in stock.

    I have just looked online at Cricket too, there discription is off white, so that colour well be the Ivory but you would have to call them to double check. Piccie link to the larger bag so you can see the colour
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  5. this is the Spring '06 Ivory/Blanc/Off-White Paddington. i bought it in April; at that time it was still available on Bergdorf Goodman Online, but you can try calling the Chloe boutiques if you want that color. and yes it's paler than the Sand.
    chloe paddington.jpg chloe paddington2.jpg
  6. I think sand is a warmer colour whereas ivory is more of an offwhite lighter/pale colour. Both are gorgeous in my opinion.
  7. Elizabeth Thomas's ebay store has an ivory from SS06