Paddingtons with adjustable shoulder straps?

  1. I've seen pictures of Paddingtons with adjustable shoulder/cross-body straps. What year were these made? What colors did they come in? The shoulder strap seems like a nice option (like the messenger version of the Edith). Can anyone share their experiences with these bags, or share pics? In your opinion, is the shoulder strap a good idea or not?

    Example of what I'm talking about:
  2. I believe these were from 2006 because I've seen it in muscade which is warm brown colour from that year. I think some ladies here have/had these..? :yes:
  3. Hi, I just bought a brand new 2006 paddington with a shoulder strap. I think it's great because the strap is adjustable and DETACHABLE so you can carry the paddy by hand or elbow if you prefer, but it gives you the option to carry it on your shoulder too. I've seen new ones on Neiman's & BG's websites. Good luck.
  4. These are the 06 Baby Paddingtons with shoulder straps. I had one in muscade and one in noir and I wound up selling them both because they were too small and they looked kind of wierd on a long strap, it just didn't look right. It is a SUPER cute bag when held in the hand tho.......but, I suppose that defeats the purpose of the shoulder strap :shrugs:
  5. I just purchased this exact same bag (but red) in the picture at the top of this thread, ive also attached below...I found it at Nordstrom last night and it has no tags except price tag was 1525.00. So I have been online since, trying to figure out year, color, name, size. So far I have 06 Rouge shoulder paddington. The dimensions are about 13 x 7 . It has a strap across the bottom and a shoulder strap which throws me off from classic paddys. [​IMG]
    ANyone know the formal title?
  6. I just wanted to resurface this thread to see if anyone still had these bags and how practical they were when worn cross body?
  7. I haven't even thought of wearing it across the body. I've carried it a few times and I usually just let the strap hang, like a balenciaga city.

    I dont think there are very many people out there with the Chloe shoulder... I had a few questions about it too awhile back and never really got anywhere.:confused1:
  8. I saw one of the cross-body styles in NM a couple of years ago, super cute bag.