Paddingtons on sale....only 2!!!!!

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  1. Dome satchel paddington large and medium both chocolate brown @ Nordies Maryland. On hold under Ali.... ask 4 Mary (410)296-2111
  2. Ooh! How much, Ali?
  3. Sorry.... forgot to add prices,Large marked down from $1700 to $800Medium from $1400 to $700
  4. Did anybody snag one?????
  5. what does the dome satchel paddington look like? i cant find a pic online
  6. I believe it's the one with the lock on the side.....
  7. i thought that was the one too but ali w said that the large purse was marked down from $1700 and the medium was marked down form $1400 so it cant be that one. i've never seen a paddy with a lock on the side. i wonder what it looks like....
  8. The one in that link is patent so maybe that might be why it cost more
  9. i dont think the paddy in the link is the one available. both ali w and the SA i spoke to said the padlock was on the side of the bag and not in the middle like it usually is
  10. The bag looks like the east/west zippy but without the bottom zip compartment. I think there was one on bluefly. I will try to find it and post pics!
  11. thanks ali w!
  12. It is a dome shaped bag that has a small padlock on the side. I really like it because it is not that heavy. It is on it's way to me. Thanks, Ali! P.S. I got the large one.
  13. Congrats! Please post pics when it arrives. Curious to see what it looks like.
  14. Ok, now I am really confused because I was sold the large one yesterday by Mary and 900+ shows up on my credit card. Did she have two instead of one large and one medium? I have a call into her to see what is going on.