Paddingtons in Chloe Bahrain next week!!

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  1. hello everyone ...
    i just called chloe bahrain and placed an order for a whiskey medium paddington for 600 pounds ... that is without shipping since i am going to bahrain in a few weeks so i am going to pick it up myself ..... (she said they will be recieving a shipment next week with whiskey, brown, tan, cream, black, and metallic silver) ..
    Lynda's bag ( would be about 682 pounds to buy and ship it to me from the US to London, UK ...
    I am going to wait for the bahrain one although they are all good prices but I want to see it before I buy it :smile:
    here's the number 0097317587874
  2. Where is the the Chloè Boutique located in Bahrain? I'm living in Europe now but I'm actually moving there in january.
  3. its in Manamah (the capital city) in Al-Ali Mall .....
  4. Excellent! Thanks his Angel:idea: Have you been to Bahrain before? Me and my husband are moving there for a year. I'm looking forward to explore the shopping over there:nuts:
  5. you guys are lucky, im in manila and i cannot find that bag anywhere. LUCKY!!! but ill be going to LA in a month hopefully i get my luck there. sells chloe bags for $ you know if theyre realy the photo is kinda iffy so im not sure, and what about ?
  6. i know that intrends are fakes ..... the other ... i am not sure ...
    yes i am going to bahrain :smile: I am originally from Saudi Arabia which is like 2 seconds away from bahrain via the causeway ... lucky me!!
    the queenbee you can call the bahrain chloe and ask them if they can ship it ... its cheaper :smile: or try Lynda from sophisticated spirit ... its also cheaper and she has teh colors :smile:
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