Paddingtons at Saks NYC

  1. I saw a few there today including a blue nuit box satchel/bowler! but the blue nuit color IRL didn't impress me much which is strange since last year i saw a woman carrying a blue nuit satchel and i loved it....hmm. and the other paddies i saw were: chocolate medium satchel, mousse satchel, mouse pocket med. satchel and red satchel.
  2. Do you see the med paddington satchel in the rouge?

    I have been hunting that one down for some time!!
  3. Me too!!!
  4. hmm...i don't recall seeing a medium orange satchel but give them a call to make sure.
  5. Is it the one on 5th Ave?
  6. was at Saks nyc (5th ave) again yesterday evening. i saw the medium orange satchel!! the blue nuit box/bowler was gone but there were still the chocolate, mousse and red med. satchels. and there were mousse, chocolate and ivory pocket paddies.