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  1. So, I posted something recently about seeing a tan and chocolate Paddington at Saks. I just have to say, it was REALLY hard to walk away without one. I think I might have purchased the tan one if I had been prepared (mentally) to buy it, but since I didn't expect to see them at all, it was a bit of a shock. Have any of you ever purchased a bag that you wanted, but weren't prepared to actually see in the store? Does that make sense? Kind of an "impulsive" buy, but not really since it's been in the back of your mind? Every time I buy something over $500, I have to psych myself up for it...and the Paddington costs around $1460 plus tax. Lots of prep time needed.
  2. I know the feeling especially when its budget time. Too many beautiful bags out there and never enough $$$:sad2: .
  3. I find it is easier to walk away in the store than it is to close my browser window online...why is that???

    It is like online shopping is somehow not real - "oh no, I didn't just spend $1000+ on a purse, not me"; but, in the store looking at the pricetag - holding the bag - I don't know how to explain it but I can walk away from the impulse buy - online forget it, CC is out and I was done before I even started. :evil:
  4. i feel the same way! its like if there's no SA to tell me the price outloud, so there's no one telling me how much it really is...and no walking away. just enter the digits and get the online confirmation!
  5. You know, I have to ditto that, and say I've walked away from many bags in the store and then turnaround and buy them online. Sometimes because I get a better deal, and sometimes because I've had a chance to think about it.

    Both paddy's I've bought were from NAP and I saved some money buying from them over the mall.

    If I can no tax and free shipping...i'm there! :nuts:
  6. Amen! Hehe.
  7. I completely understand this process - I have to "justify" alot of my bag purchases - I haven't bought a bag over $1100.00 yet (a Chanel, so the justification was easy).
  8. Suli, i totally understand, I have to psych myself up too, especially if i've seen the bag face to face!!!! But as for this on line/ordering by phone, its getting a bit deadly for me! HA HA!
  9. Buying online can seem more like a "game" of some sort - a store purchase is more "the real deal" - Somehow to me, it can be scarier to buy online because it's all over with a couple of clicks - easy, fast and you still have to pay!!!!!!!
  10. one is handing you the receipt and asking you to sign!
  11. I prefer buying at the store than online... I like to touch, see, fell in love, cannot resist it, cannot get it out of my head and then buy... :amuse: I love the purchasing part of "handbag searching" too... when you finally got it, it feels like you've accomplished something.. hahaha.. how shallow can i get?:shame:

    It's easier for me to walk away from a bag online.. coz I don't know the quality of the products.

    I guess it's different for some people
  12. I get a better deal online, often. I just bought a lovely Stella online, and paid no tax, and had a free shipping promo. That saves me a lot of money.
  13. Well, if anyone is looking for the Paddington in off white and doesn't want to order from NAP, keep watching the BG website. I had pre-ordered this bag a couple of weeks ago from them, but then got a card saying that they did not know if or when the bag would be coming in, so I cancelled the order online (I thought). I happened to be looking at my order status tonight, and it said "shipped"! And the bag is due to arrive tomorrow! So I'll be returning it, since I went ahead and ordered the white Stella. So keep an eye out, in case they list it on the website again.
  14. Pseub...I got both of mine in whiskey and ivory. I LOVE the ivory, but I just don't know if I should keep it. the edging of the handle is starting to crack within one day of carrying it. Anyone else have this problem??
  15. Cool. At this point, I just can't afford both the Paddy and the Stella, and since I already have a Paddy I decided to get something different. Plus, I'm on the waiting list for the darel charlotte when it comes in at Ballisimo.