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  1. Yay! :nuts: NAP shipped my whiskey paddy this morning, can't wait to get it! :love:
  2. Ooooh, oooh, ooh! I forgot to tell everyone! Chloe in South Coast Plaza opened their new store this past Saturday! I was in there yesterday....and got to try on a whisky, cream, anthracite, lizard, black, brown, tan, and light blue Paddington. :nuts:

    This was last night about 7 PST....and they had 3 whiskey's, 2 browns, 1 black and I am not sure how many of the other colors, I only saw one of each.

    As much as I think that the leather is delicious....I don't feel the yearning for a Paddington. I guess I have always been a bigger bag/no satchel style it isn't really me.

    But if you want one, call them nowwwwwww!!!
  3. [​IMG]

    So dreamy .........:smile:
  4. Looks like the Whiskey is pre-order. Says will ship 2/22/06.

    Just ordered it. By then I should have paid off all of my credit cards from holiday gifts and our ski trip. You all are a bad influence on me! :P
  5. remember gals, you can get it for less from NAP and they have it in stock NOW, why wait?
  6. The Whiskey was the same price on both...$1500.

    And NM has free shipping right now.
  7. I keep looking at the chocolate on NAP and really like that one, but am thinking that the Whiskey will be more versatile, and something I can carry year-round. The Chocolate seems more like a fall/winter option. Opinions????
  8. the only answer is to collect them ALL!
  9. Exactly. Its like that Pokemon craze a few years back - gotta catch 'em all! hehe.
  10. Fayden, that's what I was afraid of, hee hee.

    I've never bought from easy it it to return merchandise??? I like buying online from stores that have retail outlets so I can just return there.
  11. Fayden,
    You always give the best advice:amuse:
  12. never returned my paddington. that's the only thing i ever ordered, so i'm not sure.... anyone else out there know?
  13. Does NAP have any promotional codes??? I'm being VERY BAD and ordering the chocolate one. If I can save a few $$ I'd feel less guilty, LOL!
  14. Free shipping with the code "freeship" :biggrin: