Paddington Zips

  1. Would someone be kind enought to tell me what colour the zippers on a Paddington should be with gold hardware. IE: should the zippers be silver and the padlock etc be gold?

    Thanks in advance :flowers:

    Gelly :heart:
  2. Mine's a whiskey - it has gold toned hardware and silver zips.

    I believe that all paddy's, no matter what the hardware colour, have silver zips (someone please correct me if i'm wrong)

    Hope this helps!:flowers:
  3. the zippers should be silver when the hardwear is gold. the tabs to pull it closed should be the classic chloe circular rings. i hope that helps. any more questions?
  4. Thank you ladies you have answered my question :smile:
  5. Glad we could be of help, if you need anything else answered, please just ask!:flowers: