Paddington Zip Satchel

  1. Need some help from Paddy experts out there. I have been trying to figure out if the Zip Satchel comes in 2 different sizes. I was looking in the reference library and +sonja+ had referred to having a large zippy and BagBunny a small one. Neiman Marcus's website has one that i have been looking at but i can't figure out what size it is. I would prefer the larger size-any input on where i might be able to locate one would be greatly appreciated,too. Thanks,ladies!
  2. Hi, you're right there are 2 sizes available :yes:
    Is this beauty the one you were looking at..? ;

    Chloe -  Paddington Zip Satchel -  Neiman Marcus

    The measurements differ from my large zippy a bit, the widht is 17.5 - other measurements are matching mine..? I think that must be the smaller size but not sure :shrugs: