paddington with front pocket?

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  1. [​IMG]

    Hello, I am desperately looking for this paddington in taupe color,
    but it's extremely hard to find. I have seen this one in tan, white,
    chocolate and even metallic color but taupe one is sooo difficult.
    I've found one on eBay but the condition of the bag was not satisfying
    so I just decided not to buy.... Whenever I type paddington bag,
    google only shows me classic type of paddington.. I am wondering
    if there is any specific ID for this model. Will Chloe make this paddington
    in the future, possibly? Can't even go to sleep because of this bag... :sad:

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  2. Check EBay - which I know you are doing - and post anything you see on the Authenticate This Chloe Thread.

    This style is no longer in production, so the best bet is EBay -
  3. I thought I saw this model on the chloe website... - but may be mistaken
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  5. I love this bag so much... when it's lay down it's just look like a sleepy cat or a velvet pillow. Good luck
  6. wow, this bag looks really cute. must be pricey. where can I find 1?
  7. Thank you for everyone responding to this thread--what I am specifically looking for is taupe (or beige) color model. It seems like this color is not in production anymore. But as you can find on the website, other colors are available. Actually I called the chloe boutique in NYC and the SA told me that the color that I am looking for is not available.
  8. Other colors such as tan, kahki and black in the store :smile:
  9. Ok.. here is mine, I love this bag but barely use, don't know why, but I still lov it tho ....Maybe because this is my 2nd bag when I started to addicted to Chloe.



  10. You can try to call the outlet too see. Last year they have few, but last year anyway...
  11. Your paddy is absolutely gorgeous.. I wouldn't think that creamy paddington looks like that beautiful :smile: But yea, I might try to give a call to the outlet. Thank you for the suggestion.
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    You need many more photos of this one - if you are considering - the photos are very dark - and so I'd ask the seller if she can supply natural/daylight photos - and then post on the AT Chloe Thread -

    On checking - TWO of the photos in this listing are showing in the listing which you posted in the AT Chloe Thread - and I have given advice with regard to that in my response.