Paddington: Whisky or White/Ivory?

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  1. If you had to choose one of these colors, which would it be? I have the Chocolate, and am debating about getting a second one in a lighter color for spring/summer.

    Or what other cream/ivory/camel/tan bags do you like? Looking for something medium-sized, can be worn with business casual or casual clothes.
  2. My favorite is the whiskey (obviously :love: ). But I think if you're looking for a lighter bag for spring and summer, you should go with the ivory.
  3. I actually just ordered the ivory paddington from NAP. I saw the grey one at Bergdorf last Sunday, and thought the color was fantastic but decided I wanted something lighter for Spring/Summer.
  4. Ever since seeing Meg's gorgeous Spy, I'm now officially in love with that bag in that paticular color :love:

    I also have a whisky paddy pre-ordered. Can't wait!
  5. I have a whisky pre-ordered, but after I saw the ivory, I love that too, so I guess I'm no help!
  6. I would go with the ivory, one because I love it, the color is so amazing(I do have it.). Also because you already have a brown this will allow you to wear the paddy with other color clothing, if a brown tone isnt working. And I do not know if you follow the fashion trends but white/ivory is so in for spring. But ofcourse with either you cant realy go wrong.
  7. Since you have the choco, maybe you can get lighter color, the ivory then?
  8. the ivory is beautiful and you can carry it for 6 months and then the choco for six months. get the ivory.
  9. I would be getting the whiskey if I were you. The color is really warm, hot and I know that the saturation of the color of the leather is really rich. This has been important to you so I would really suggest going for thr whiskey. It's another gorgeous bag. in the future....when you pull it out, you will admire it's color leather always... the cream you see the design more.
  10. The ivory is elegant; I'd go with it since you have the chocolate already. Does anyone like the light blue color??? I think it's nice but I'm not thrilled over it.
  11. You could go for a stam. Or a mulberry (I didn't think you were too jazzed about the weave). Or a gucci boston. Or how about a cream chloe edith? Didn't you post about liking the edith? Is that coming out in cream? That would be pretty.
  12. Don't like the light blue. The Paddington is a 'tough' bag and that color seems too wimpy to work with the design well.
  13. I'm not really crazy about either the light blue or the gray. I tend to wear and prefer colors with warmer tones. Haven't really looked at the Mulberry's, but I'm liking bags right now that are softer and less structured. Don't know if the Edith is going to be available in cream, but I'm re-thinking that one right now as it doesn't look like you can wear easily over arm or shoulder. I'll have to see one in person, maybe my next sojourn to the Chloé boutique at SCP.
  14. i would go for whiskey. you can wear it all year, very versatile IMO.
  15. Get both. :smile: