Paddington Whiskey vs Orange

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  1. I see there is a color orange and color whiskey that looks almost the same. Is orange reall orange in person. ????
  2. For comparison - Here's a link to an orange paddy: AUTH CHLOE PADDINGTON BAG ORANGE AUTUMN 06 HANDBAG MPRS (item 290001721282 end time 24-Aug-06 23:50:20 BST)

    And below is a snippet of my whiskey paddy:

    IMO, the orange is a replacement for the whiskey - it may be a bit brighter though, but to me, they do look very much the same. The stitching on the orange paddy appears to be a bit lighter than on the whiskey.

    I've not seen the orange one IRL, but they do look quite similar in pictures...the whiskey has very strong orange undertones to it, whilst still retaining a hint of brown.

    I'd love to see the orange one in person!:love:
  3. Chicky, same here, I was hoping to find someone who actually seen it in person, I am about to purchase it and just dont was to get it and "oh my, its a pumpkin". Also, I better win the lottery before you, my special secret credit card that my husband doesn't know about is about to blow up.
  4. I have seen Orange in real life, it's more orangy than Whiskey. I personally like Whiskey a lot more.
  5. bag.lover, so since you have seen the orange in person, am I gonna
    look like I'm carrying pumpkin with a padlock. Or is it gonna be a nice fall colour. Be honest
  6. :graucho: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    Pumpkin with a that'll be a good halloween trick...:graucho:

    If you like it, go for it - as it's new out, you can always send it back if you find it a bit day-glowy.;)
  7. That is funny! When I got my whiskey I thought I'd never find a richer colored bag. I love deep burnt orange/brown/tan mixture it has. It is such an indescribable color.

    Haven said that, there are times when I think the whiskey is very brownish orang-ey. That makes me think the orange is very very very orange which isn't something that appeals to me (I like complex colors). NOTHING compares to the whiskey color of the Edith. My goodness...that color was TDF :love:...even better than the whiskey paddington (they were two different colors of whiskey).
    HTH! :flowers:
  8. I was such a whiskey freak and then stumbled across the orange and just love it! But then again, I love orange sooo much. It's definitely a "fall" orange and nothing bright. Reminds me of the color orange in maple trees in the fall. Here's mine:
    main2.jpg IMG_4751 copy.jpg
  9. i just saw an orange paddy IRL. and let me tell you the colour is really orange! it's soooo beautiful. it's way unique, i even try on a matching orange paddy shoes :P
    they look great :yahoo:
  10. Probably not, but it's orange without a doubt. I am not an orange person so I don't like this color, I would say Whiskey is more neutral. Do you like the color Orange? If you do, you might like it. I am sorry if I'm not able to make things any better.
  11. yes, it's not the "fruit" orange... it had a little brownish tones. very beautiful color i must say
  12. I's say it is close to pumpkin orange....which in my opinion is prettier than straight orange.
  13. yes, it's almost like pumkin orange of my balenciaga :P
  14. Ive seen the orange in real life and it is quite orange. Its a very rich colour, but I prefer the tan, its more my colour. good luck with your purchase!
  15. I have the large pocket paddy version of your bag. Don't ya love it?!